(* Not quick, or easy, but works and is sustainable)

In the past year, I’ve lost more than 26kg in weight. I’ve yoyo’ed all my adult life, phasing in and out of diets and fitness regimes (I’ve run four marathons in that time), and yet, this feels different.

Back in…

Joe Wicks (PE)

An excellent start; you clearly laid out your lesson objectives (put them on the board next time), and made reference to individual children. There was some differentiation, but you really need to think more carefully about those children who did not have clear lines of sight due to parental involvement…

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Modelled writing should help to improve the pupil’s understanding and knowledge. If it doesn’t do this, then it is a very visual distraction at best, and busyness at worst — where the students are occupied but not actually learning much. Below are some myths that may lurk and float around…

Developing habits for self-goals

The traits of a student who operates using learning goals as their primary motivation enable that student to succeed, or fail, with comfort. So how does a teacher encourage these traits in their students?

Below are some strategies to enhance learning goals for students. This is not an exhaustive list…

It is estimated that teachers can ask up to 500 questions a day — but how many are actually any good? Measure up against these ten commandments of questioning.

  1. Thou shalt track thy habits

Find out what your habits are by recording a lesson you teach, or asking a colleague…

We all succumb to bias in one way or another, and many times this can ground us in ways that make us feel comfortable and secure. Within each bias however is the danger that whomever our bias goes against can be misrepresented, misaligned or in the worst cases, treated unfairly.

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Can you really influence the way someone might respond to you?

How easy is it to identify and measure success? In a simple transaction, surely a sale is a success, isn’t it? Some companies and organisations now have surveys and questionnaires which they ask clients to take, and many more stores are running polls for customer feedback. The difficulty here is…

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How I learned to embrace the Wabi Sabi philosophy

Were you one of the 50% of the population who made a New Year’s Resolution this year? If so, were you one of the 88% who’d given up by 10th January? Congratulations and welcome to Club Fail. There are lots of us.

We are continually disappointed by ourselves and others…


Tips I have learnt by presenting to the toughest crowds

Having spoken professionally for thirteen years, to a wide range of ages and audiences, I have developed skills to improve my presenting style, learnt tips from others through active observation, and stolen ideas from the best.

This is no tick list, more a pondering on what I know I do…

Stephen Lockyer

Father Teacher Writer Speaker. Passionate: inventive: creative. Indefatigably Cheerful!

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