• Brian Clark

    Brian Clark

    Curriculum Leader (Computing Science, Business Ed) at Portobello HS, Edinburgh. CAS Scotland Lead Teacher of Computing. PHS twitter @phscomputing. Bass player.

  • Ben Sutcliff

    Ben Sutcliff

    Digital,visual,manipulative maths activities linked to the UK/IRL Primary National Curriculum. Download the App or sign-up for free at http://www.matific.co.uk

  • Carolyn Portanova

    Carolyn Portanova

    mom of 2 | marketer | la réponse est toujours l’amour ❤ et toujours la plage 💚

  • Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

    Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

    Ph.D. in Educational Technology, Entrepreneur, Hockey Player, Writer, Husband, Father of Two Boys. #edtechteam #gafesummit #futureready #breakoutedu #moresoon

  • Sexy Data Science

    Sexy Data Science

    When data is easy & sexy #datascience #datasexy

  • Erica Acosta

    Erica Acosta

    Digital strategist/creative living in Milan, disappointing Italian people expectations regarding the latina stereotype: don’t surf, don’t dance salsa.

  • Manel Trenchs i Mola

    Manel Trenchs i Mola

    Art history teacher / Flipped Learning member, Remind TAB, ICTs in #ed / I love nature and cycling / Lots of luck in the ART of life! Rabbits

  • Ian Addison

    Ian Addison

    Primary Teacher. Year 3/4 Team Leader. Google Apps for Education Trainer. Author of Essentials: ICT http://t.co/RG2EWZKMjN

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